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Lowered Auto Rates

We have lowered our new and used auto rates as well as our personal loan rates. Call us for your qualifying rate and term.

Annual Percentage Rates
Dividends are not compounded and paid out monthly.

Annual Percentage Yield (APYE )
Dividends are compounded and paid out at maturity.

Additional loans, terms and rates available upon request. See the Loan Officer for details.

Fees and Rate Changes?
All efforts are made to keep prices and services on this website current, but are not guaranteed. Please call to confirm pricing, rates and availability of services. If you have any questions, please give us a call

Good Credit Score?
With a good credit score your loan can extended up to a term of 78 months.

Rates and Fees

Our current rates and fees as approved by the Board of Directors for dividend rates and annual percentage yields as of June 5, 2013.

Account Rates
Type Minimum Daily Periodic Rate APR
Christmas Club N/A 0.00%    0.00%   
IRA* $50.00 and up .35% .35%
Money Market $2500 and up 0.00% .00%
Share Drafts N/A 0.00% 0.00%
Share Savings* $1000 0.15% 0.15%
* IRA and Share Savings  are insured by NCUSIF up to $250,000

Loan Rates
Type Daily Periodic Rates APR
Personal .026027% - .049315% 8.00% - 18.00%
Vacation Call for up to
minute rates
Call for up to
minute rates
Secured* New .015064% - .049315% 1.99% - 18.00%
Secured* Used .017126% - .049315% 2.50% - 18.00%
Share Secured** 100% Secured 3% over rate the secured account 3% over rate the secured account
Share Secured** Partial Secured .018904% - .049315% 5.75% - 18.00%
Visa Platinum**   .032876% 6% - 14.00%
* At no time will secured rate be less than 5% with discounts
** No Credit Union services discounts permitted
For more information about Multiple Services Discount see column to left.
Fees - Draft/ATM/Savings
Type Type Fee
  NSF Overdraft $30.00 each occurrence
  ACH Overdraft $30.00 each occurrence
  Debit Overdraft $30.00 each occurrence
  ACH Origination Setup/Change Fee $5.00 each occurrence
  ACH Origination Return Fee $30.00 each occurrence
ATM Transaction  Fees First two free,
$2.00 thereafter per month
Christmas Early Withdrawal $5.00 for each transaction
Fees - VISA Account
Type Daily Periodic Rates
Replacement of Lost/Stolen Card $10.00
Late Charge $25.00
Pin Replacement $5.00
Foreign Cash Advance 10% of requested amount
Foreign Transaction Fee 1% of requested amount
Copy of Statement or Sales Draft $10.00
Fees - Safe Deposit Box Rentals
Size Fee
3 x 5 $20/Annually
5 x 5 $25/Annually
3 x 10 $30/Annually
5 x 10 $40/Annually
10 x 10 $60/Annually
Change of safe deposit locks $150/Annually
Safe deposit box key replacement $55/per Locksmith service call
Fees - Other Services
Service Fee
Returned mail $3.00
Statement copy (in office) $5/Month
Paper Statement Fee (Electronic Access) $5/Month
Account history $2/each mo. copied
Returned check deposit $30.00
Stop Payment (ACH) $30.00/each
Stop Payment Request (Share Drafts) $30.00/each item
 wire transfer (Domestic) $15.00
International wire transfer $25.00
Money order $2/Item
Certified check $5.00
Travelers' check 1% of total purchase
American Express Gift Card Fee $5.00 each card
Copy of check $3.00/each
Xerox copies/fax requests .50/Item
Check printing Varies with order
Account research $55/Hour
Other Institutions check encoding errors $20/Check
Credit Union check $2.00/each
Telephone inquiries
When ARU or internet not used
$1.00 per call
Garnishment, levy, hold shares $30.00
Subsequent collection letter $30.00
Letter of lien satisfaction/per title $10.00
Repossession charges and Legal Fess Actual cost
Payday loan redemptions
(Payday lender pays)
Viewing drafts through Account Access™ $.10
Express mail $25/Check
Membership closed within 6 mos. of opening - Will not be reopened within 12 mo. $25.00