For a complete list of our rates, click here. Be sure to check with a loan officer for up-to-date rates.

Online loan applications
Apply for your loan online. Download the application form, fill it out and then bring it into the Credit Union.

Loan Calculators  
Want to know how much you are going to pay? Click here for tools to help you determine your payment!

Research Your Next Car
Get the information about used and new cars with NADA and Kelly Blue book.

Auto Auctions
From time to time, the Credit Union has vehicles up for auction through Tidewater Auto Auction at 656 South Military Highway in Virginia Beach.  Contact them directly at 757-487-3464 for further information.

Looking for a home?  

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Loans and Lines of Credit

We offer competitive rates for consumer loans!
The APR will be within the range disclosed and is based on certain credit-worthiness criteria. 

Apply for your loan online here or by downloading the application today!  You may fax the completed application to us at (757) 857-4526 or 857-4624.

Auto Loans  (New and Used) Collateral Loans (New/Used Autos, Boats and RVs)
Auto loans through selected local dealers can get you in a new car for just a few dollars over invoice price.

We can make your auto buying more easier and satisfying.

Check our list of area dealerships who will help you with your automotive needs.  You will also find links where you can research your next auto with NADA and Kelly Blue Book.

Do your homework! Call us or stop by to check out the value of your current vehicle and the dealer cost of a new vehicle before purchasing. This could save you thousands of dollars!

Don't forget to purchase GAP Insurance and Extended Warranty on your vehicles.

Your vehicle or boat is used as collateral for the term of the loan.

With a good credit score your loan can be extended up to a term of 78 months.
Personal Loans   Vacation Loans
Qualifying members may get a personal loan on their signature. 

Be sure to ask about our rates!

Vacation Loans are basically a personal loan for a vacation. 

Be sure to ask about our special rates on our summer vacation loans.

Share Secured Home Equity Line of Credit
These loans are offered to our members at a low rate.

They are guaranteed by the shares the member already has in their account. 

This method allows the member to continue earning dividends on their shares while making payments on the note.

This is for those qualifying members who would like to borrow against their home with a line of credit on the equity in your home. It is up to a 20 year term loan and the payments will begin right away.

You can take advances on a Home Equity Line of Credit over a period of 15 years and then take up to 5 additional years to pay it back.

NMLS# 615904

Risk Based Lending  
This is for those members who may not otherwise qualify for a loan. 

Risk Based Lending is based upon your current credit score, ability to pay, and credit history with other financial institutions. 

You may be charged a higher rate of interest on your loan than another member due to these factors.

Once you have reestablished your credit worthiness, you will be reevaluated and given a comparable rate on any new loan.