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The Credit Union Difference
If you would like to know the differences between banks and credit unions, then check out the "Credit Union Difference".

Expedite your check holds.
To help expedite release of a check hold, please fax a copy of your check directly to us at (757) 857-4394.  Keep in mind this is not a  guaranteed release of the hold.

Reorder your checks online!
Simply click on the Main Street. logo and follow the prompts.

Our Accounts come with great benefits and
low rates!

We pay higher dividends which are sent to your Prime Share account each month.
Then your prime share account earns dividends on your funds each quarter.

Our current rate pays out the same as if you were compounding.

Other institutions compound interest, but they are paying a lower rate.

For more information about accounts available through the NFDFCU, contact our member services.

We offer various accounts to assist your banking needs.

Checking  Savings 
No fees for checking accounts.   Ask about our overdraft protection!

All checks are subject to a hold when using a Credit Union Service Center. 

For your first order of checks from Main Street, you must contact Linda Dunaway to set up your account.  All subsequent check orders may be ordered online through Main Street.  PLEASE NOTE, WHEN YOU PROVIDE YOUR ACCOUNT NUMBER, YOU MUST USE THE ENTIRE ACCOUNT NUMBER ON THE BOTTOM OF YOUR CHECK.

        We offer a .15% APR for our savings accounts with a minimum balance of $1,000.00.

Anytime savings for your own specified purpose with a minimum balance of $0.

Christmas Club Bill Pay Service
The Christmas Club is a great way to save money for the holiday season and presents.

There is no APR nor APY for our Christmas Club.

There is a withdrawal fee of $5.00 for each transaction before maturity .

  Save money and time by using our Bill Pay Service.  No postage required.  Just set up your monthly bills to pay on a specific date and forget about it!!..  For one time vendors, just pay the bill through bill payer account and stop fraud from occurring on your checking account!
Money Market and Share Certificates   Loans 

Our Money Market account need only maintain a minimum of $2500. 

Up to 6 withdrawals per 12 months and is limited to 3 checks per month.

We do not compound interest on Share Certificates or Money Market accounts. 

At present, we do not offer Share Certificates.

Money market accounts do not accrue dividents at this time.
  We offer various types of loans for your financial needs.

- New and used car loans
- Collateralized Loans
- Personal
- Vacation
- Share Secured
- Home Equity
- Home Equity Line of Credit
- EMT Payday Advances
- Risk Based Lending

Just give one of our loan officers a call to see how we can help you with a new loan! 

Or fill out an online loan application located on our loan page.
IRA      Dormant Accounts   
IRA - Individual Retirement Account is a retirement savings plan for people not otherwise covered by a company plan.  Once you reach retirement age and begin taking distributions, you pay taxes on your withdrawals as if they were regular income.

We also offer ROTH plan.  Named after the legislative sponsor in 1998, it allows you to contribute and save after-tax money.  As long as you own the ROTH for at least five years, you can take tax-free distributions beginning at age 59 1/2.

SEP (Simplified Employee Retirement) allows you to make tax-favored contributions to a retirement annuity.
  Your account must have a minimum of one transaction per year.  Otherwise, your account goes into a dormant status.

After your account becomes dormant, the credit union will assess a fee of $25.00 per month.

After the 5 years has passed, the remaining monies go to the Commonwealth of Virginia.

It is in your best interest to keep your account up to date by transferring monies into or out of at least once a year.  We also need your most current address to send you a check if you wish the account closed.